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The Company

Thank you for your interest in our Company.

We are a group of people who complement each other well and have a single idea: Sticky notes of high quality with plenty of options.

This is why we established moynd in 2005. The excellence of our operational equipment allows us to turn any type of paper into sticky notes. Plus, our sticky notes are distinguished by their inherently stable and persistent adherence to any material. Even writing on the sticky side is no problem with our products.

We manufacture our products in Germany ourselves. As we can turn anything that can be produced at a printing plant into sticky notes, we also coat pre-printed sheets for printing shops.

We’ll be pleased if you like the products that appear in our website. Please do not hesitate to request samples and/or have us prepare a quotation for you.

Yours sincerely,
Adam Myschor
Managing Director
PSI Nr. 46708

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