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Small Hardcovers

Small Hardcovers

size: appr. 80 x 55 mm (closed)
paper: appr. 2 mm thick carton
outside: appr. 150 sqm picture paper
inside (mirror): Offset paper, appr. 120 sqm
imprint: 1-4 colours (or more) Offset printing CMYK (Euroscale), Pantone or HKS
finishing with foil lamination glossy or matt (as standard)

sticky notes
size: appr. 50(sticky side) x 75 mm
paper: Soporset Preprint, appr. 80 g/qm, high white
imprint: CMYK (Euroscale), Pantone or HKS
number of sheets 25 | 50 | 100 sheets

foil marker set
5 standard foil marker: pink, orange, yellow, green, blue
each appr. 12(sticky side) x 44 mm
together glued on a plastic medium
each appr. 20 sheets

delivery time appr. 2-3 weeks after approval (depending on quantity!)


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