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classic sizes

classic sizes

paper softcover: Invercote, appr. 260 sqm, white
sticky notes: Soporset Preprint, appr. 80 sqm, high white

my-HNU 50*75
cover appr. 77 x 52 mm (closed)
sticky notes appr. 50(sticky side) x 75 mm
sketch my-HNU_50x75.pdf

my-HNU 75*75
cover appr. 77 x 77 mm (closed)
sticky notes appr. 75(sticky side) x 75 mm
sketch my-HNU_75x75.pdf

my-HNU 100*75
cover appr. 102 x 76 mm (closed)
sticky notes appr. 100(sticky side) x 75 mm
sketch my-HNU_100x75.pdf

number of sheets 25 sheet | 50 sheet | 100 sheet

printing colours CMYK (Euroscale), Pantone or HKS

printing process offset and digital printing (depending on quantity!)

finishing with foil lamination glossy or matt (as standard)
(gloss and matt dispersing varnish is also possible)

delivery time appr. 2-3 weeks after approval (depending on quantity!)

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