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Brilliant paper marker with cover

Brilliant paper marker with cover

my-PM brilliant
Paper marker are ideal to mark pages in books, catalogues or important documents.
With paper markers you can structure your documents and you’ll never lose your overview about complex contexts.
We deliver our paper markers with a softcover or hardcover. You have the advantage of more space for your advertising messages and your page markers are protected in an optimal way. Because of the long time of use, you and your company stay longer in memory.

size: appr. 85 x 53 mm (closed)
paper: appr. 260 sqm Invercote white, matt
imprint: 1-4 colours Offset printing CMYK (Euroscale), Pantone or HKS, alternative digital printing in CMYK (Euroscale)

finishing with foil lamination glossy or matt (as standard)
(gloss and matt dispersing varnish is also possible)

Brilliant paper marker
4 standard paper marker: bright pink, green, yellow, orange
size: each appr. 20(sticky side) x 50 mm
each 40 sheets

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delivery time appr. 2-3 weeks after approval (depending on quantity!)
sketch my-PM brilliant

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